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2018 individual and family coverage options

Dear Shopper,

Thank you for your continued patronage!   The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) to choose a new plan of coverage for 2019 has officially started, and The Health Insurance Shoppe will only be representing Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL), and there will be no fee's for my service.

Your current 2018 BCBSIL plan will be discontinued and will automatically be enrolled in the most comparable plan within their 2019 plan portfolio, and if you are satisfied with the new plan there is nothing that needs to be done (unless you are enrolled through the marketplace).  If coverage is through the marketplace you will need to update your application and then re enroll in the matched plan.   If you changes are to be made you have between 11/1-12/15 to submit a new enrollment application if a plan change is desired.

BCBSIL has narrowed down their plan offerings from 28 down to 14 and will continue to offer the same 4 provider networks to choose from; which are:

  • Blue Choice Preferred PPO

  • Blue Precision HMO (only option for Northwestern Medicine and North Shore University HealthSystems)

  • BlueCare Direct HMO (Advocate Only)

  • BlueFocus Care HMO

You can search the provider networks by following this link and selecting one of the above network names.

To learn about your options, as well as enroll, please follow the below instructions:

Clients who are enrolled "Off" Marketplace

Please follow the "get started" link to run a quote, and once presented with your options you can compare plans by network, as well as side-by-side, and can access Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for each plan.

To make it easier I have provided hyperlinks to each plans SBC:

Blue Choice Preferred PPO







Blue Precision HMO






BlueCare DIrect HMO (Advocate only)


Blue FocusCare HMO





Clients who are enrolled "On" Marketplace

The first step that must be taken is completing a 2019 application which requires updating income and household size, if applicable.  When completing please make sure that my name and FFM User ID and National Producer Number (NPN) are entered/listed when asked if you are being assisted. 


When your application is submitted you will receive "eligibility results" that will state the tax credit amount and cost sharing you/your family qualify for, to then proceed to the marketplace and review your options.  Once you enter the marketplace you can narrow down plan results to present the available BCBSIL plans.  If you/your family qualifies for cost sharing please make sure to review the Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) that are provided through

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