To begin a quote or enrollment (non marketplace) with BCBSIL please click on the below agent that has been assisting you.  You will be  directed to an online quoting system that will present your BCBSIL plan options to then select "apply" on your desired plan choice.

To begin enrollment through The Health Insurance Marketplace you must log in to your account to complete a new application for 2019, and will need to enter in your agent's name and FFM User ID (displayed below picture) when asked if you are being assisted.   Once your application is submitted and eligibility results are provided you can then proceed into the marketplace and enroll in your desired plan.

Andrea Hartmann
FFM ID : Hartmann
NPN : 17931240
Laura Kogan
FFM ID: LauraKogan
NPN: 17100740
Patrick DiVito
FFM ID: PatrickDivito
NPN: 16628580
Jordan Wishner
FFM ID: Budman16
NPN: 5331992
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